About Us

Our aim is to revolutionize skincare using the power of plants and cutting-edge science.

The story behind Clearica

In the year 2000, scientists in North Carolina, USA started work on identifying phytochemicals to treat diabetes and cancer. 

Between 2000 and 2018 these scientists had developed an extensive plant library containing thousands of plant extracts from all over the globe. 

In the meantime, back in India, Clearica’s founders had been exploring ways to identify safe and naturally derived actives to start something revolutionary in the skincare space. 

After years of discussions, in 2016, Clearica’s founders started the global search for alternative skincare ingredients. 

In 2018, unfortunately, the lead scientist in North Carolina passed away. Their company, research and patents were then acquired by Clearica’s founders. The founders mined the plant library to discover and evaluate safe and powerful Phytochemicals to treat acne versus the common synthetically derived mainstream ones which are often harsh and aggressive to sensitive skin.

In 2019, they identified a powerful combination of four phytochemicals to treat acne. 

Finally, after a few years of formulation development and clinical trials – Clearica was born.

PhytoPharmacon, a North Carolina based biopharmaceutical company, invested over a decade of research into the creation of its vast natural product library to find unique bioactive ingredients. Numerous patents were filed in their search for novel compounds from previously untapped botanical sources.Clearica’s founders have acquired this incredible library of phytochemicals, and are applying expertise in biochemistry to identify high performance ingredients that achieve perceptible improvement in the health and appearance of skin. What started in the greenhouses of PhytoPharmacon has grown into the extraordinary plant library from which Clearica carefully mines chemical gems that have the potential to change the face of skincare.