Is your hair oil causing your acne?

For generations now, Indian moms and grandmoms have highlighted the benefits of hair oil, sharing hair care advice along with their heirloom sarees. But oiling hair has its disadvantages too, one of which is acne. If hair oil is causing you to break out, it’s important to figure out why as well as what you can do to prevent it.


How is hair care connected to acne?

The scalp is just skin, and like the rest of the body, it requires cleansing and hydration. When the scalp is clean and nourished, your hair looks vibrant and healthy. When the scalp is dirty, your hair quality suffers.

What about the complexion? Can a dirty scalp cause acne on the face as well? Yes, it can.

Dirty hair tends to get greasy, and sometimes the grease travels down to your face. When this happens, it may clog the pores, trapping acne-causing bacteria inside, ultimately leading to skin inflammation and acne. Dandruff is a problem as well. When dry dandruff flakes fall from the scalp to the face, they tend to clog the pores, especially on the forehead and along the hairline.

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Does long hair cause acne? How can you prevent this? Truthfully, clean hair is

never a problem, but long hair can be difficult to maintain and is in contact with more of your skin. The solution is to shampoo regularly to prevent the build-up of grease and dirt.


Can oiling the hair cause acne on the face?

When you apply oil on the scalp, excess oil seeps down the forehead, hairline, and back of the neck. This makes your skin greasy, attracts grime, and clogs pores, creating the perfect environment for acne bacteria.

Which hair oils cause acne? Probably all of them! Oil-based haircare and skincare will always up your acne risk. You should also watch out for irritants like fragrances, parabens, and phthalates which could worsen your acne problem. Be on the safe side and check the list of ingredients beforehand.


Preventing acne caused by hair oil

Whether or not to use hair oil is a personal preference. If oiling your scalp and strands improves your hair quality, there’s no reason to give up the habit. A few simple precautions could help you to enjoy the benefits of hair oil and manage your pimple problem.

  • Don’t leave the oil on overnight. That gives the product more time to spread across your face and neck. It might seep into your pillowcase while you’re sleeping and then transfer to your skin and clog the pores.
There are no additional benefits to keeping hair oil on for a prolonged period. Better to apply a small amount of product for just one to two hours before a shampoo.
  • Keep away from irritants. If you suspect hair oil is to blame for your acne flares, discontinue its use for some time. Your skin should clear up once the irritants have been eliminated.
Should you find that hair oil is the culprit behind all your skincare woes, consider other ways to nourish and hydrate your scalp. For example, you could shift to haircare serums and masks that are not oil-based.

Review your acne care regimen

Even if hair oil is to blame for those breakouts, it wouldn’t hurt to reconsider your daily skincare routine. A simple regimen carried out twice daily is all you need to keep pimples at bay.

  1. Wash off the grime and grease. Every morning and night, begin your skincare routine with a gentle cleanser to wash off sweat, dirt, makeup, and any hair products that may have seeped onto your skin.
  2. Prime your skin for the next steps. Take a little bit of toner
    on a cotton ball and swipe it all over your face and neck. The toner will unclog stubborn pores, refresh your skin, and restore the skin’s natural pH.
  3. Target your acne problem. Apply a small quantity of Clearica Anti-Acne Cream on your face and neck. Spread the product evenly to soothe your skin, control oil levels, promote fast healing of lesions, and inhibit the growth of acne bacteria.
  4. Make sure to moisturise after. End your acne care regime with a lightweight moisturiser that suits your skin type. Also, remember to slather on some sunscreen during the day, especially if you plan to head outside.

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Summing up

The bottom line is this: The road to good hair need not mess up your complexion. If you aren’t ready to ditch the hair oil habit, simply upgrade your skincare routine in a few easy steps. It is possible to have great hair and super-healthy skin, and you can achieve both without overcomplicating your life!







Disclaimer: This page is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a recommendation or for diagnostic purposes. Please consult your dermatologist or doctor before acting on any of the information provided here.